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This page provides downloads of important emergency information.  These emergency preparedness program files were developed by Flo Elfant as a public service for the Pacific Palisades community.

Three major emergency preparedness guides are presented here.  The first guide, entitled Family & Business Disaster Information Plus Personal Survival Guide provides information for a single family unit.  This guide helps your family prepare for and if necessary, deal with a major disaster such as an earthquake, wildfire, flu pandemic or terrorist attack.  It contains a wide variety of resources relevant to dealing with such disasters.  The second guide is the Neighborhood Emergency Planning Guide - useful for organizing members of your local neighborhood in the event of a disaster.  The third guide is the Business Emergency Planning Guide to assist local business owners in creating a disaster preparedness plan specific to the needs of their business.

Also presented below is a list of important phone numbers that can be downloaded, printed out and kept by your telephone for future reference.

To download - Right Click on the image of the guide you wish to download and choose "Save Link As".


Emergency Preparedness Guides

Emergency Preparedness Guide

Neighborhood Emergency Planning Guide

Business Emergency Planning Guide

Important Phone Numbers